Upgrade Your Home Theater Experience with the McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program

Upgrade Your Home Theater Experience with the McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program

Are you ready to elevate your home theater experience to new heights? The wait is over! McIntosh, a name synonymous with excellence in audio and home entertainment, is introducing its Home Theater TradeUP Program, available from September 1 to October 31, 2023. If you've been eyeing a McIntosh home theater receiver, processor, or amplifier, this is your golden opportunity to make the leap and enjoy unparalleled audio and video quality.


The Power of TradeUP

Following the success of the Two-Channel TradeUP Program, McIntosh is back with a program tailor-made for home theater enthusiasts. The Home Theater TradeUP Program takes the concept of trading in your old equipment to a whole new level. Here's how it works:

1. Wide Compatibility: McIntosh and Beyond

Unlike many trade-in programs that are limited to a specific brand, the Home Theater TradeUP Program welcomes trade-ins of home theater receivers and processors from any brand. Whether you're currently using McIntosh or another manufacturer, your old equipment can now be your ticket to a spectacular home theater upgrade.

Note that multi channel amplifiers DO NOT QUALIFY, regardless of brand (including McIntosh). 

2. Even Non-Working Items Are Accepted

Do you have an old home theater receiver or processor gathering dust because it's no longer functional? Not a problem. McIntosh understands that technology evolves, and your equipment might not be in pristine condition. That's why the TradeIN units for this program don't need to be in working order. You can trade in your non-working equipment without the original packaging and still receive benefits towards your new McIntosh purchase.

3. Flexible Trade-In Values

McIntosh has meticulously designed the trade-in values to ensure you get the best possible deal. Please contact us for further details. 

4. Amplify the Benefits for McIntosh Trade-Ins

If your trade-in item is a McIntosh Processor or an MHT100/MHT200 Receiver, the rewards get even better"

- Purchasing a McIntosh Processor or MHT300 AV Receiver entitles you to a 30% trade-in value (70% discount off the original list price).

- But if you're diving in for the ultimate home theater experience with a McIntosh Processor AND Multi-Channel Amplifier combo, you'll receive a generous 40% of the original MSRP (60% discount off the original list price).

Maximize Your Home Theater Potential

The McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program is your invitation to reimagine your home entertainment space. Whether you're new to McIntosh or a long-time aficionado, this program empowers you to upgrade without breaking the bank. Embrace the latest in audio and video technology while bidding farewell to your old equipment.

In Conclusion

The McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program is a limited-time opportunity that stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to enhancing your audiovisual experiences. From September 1 to October 31, 2023, explore the world of McIntosh home theater receivers, processors, and amplifiers, and seize the chance to trade in your existing equipment for unbeatable rewards. Regardless of brand or condition, your trade-in is a step towards the pinnacle of home theater excellence. Embrace the power of tradeUP and embark on a journey of cinematic immersion like never before.

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