NEW Products from McIntosh

McIntosh has been very busy of late. The company introduced a complete new line of power amplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, a wireless speaker system, a complete Integrated Turntable, and the 70th Anniversary Preamp/Power Amplifier combination! Oh, and 2 new multichannel amplifiers, and a complete line of high performance In-Wall/In-Ceiling speakers. Here are some highlights

MC2152 C70 Anniversy System.jpg


70th Anniversary Preamp/Amp Combination

As the title says, McIntosh turns 70 this year, and to celebrate, they released 70 Commemorative Systems featuring a new C70 Tube Preamplifier and Mc2152 Tube Power Amplifier. Each system will be specially marked and have matching serial numbers. Included is the McIntosh history book “for the love of music”, as well as a certificate authenticating the entire system. For each system sold, McIntosh will donate $1,000 to Save the Children foundation.


The Mc2152 is a new tube amplifier rated at 150 watts/ch with a striking new design. The amplifier incorporates the lessons and techniques the company has learned in 70 years of audio engineering. The tube complement consists of 8 x KT88 output tubes, 4 x 12AX7A and 4 x 12AT7A small signal tubes.

The front of the chassis is bead-blasted black anodized aluminum, while the sides feature carbon fiber panels. The signal tubes can be highlighted in Green, Blue or you can choose the natural amber glow of the tubes.

C70 Angle Background.jpg


The C70 Tube Preamplifier is a pure analog preamp. Paying homage to the company’s early designs, the C70 looks retro while incorporating all the latest technology and knowledge. It has 1 x 12AT7 and 5 x 12AX7A tubes, visible through a glass panel on top. Full featured, the C70 has MM/MC inputs, balanced connections, bass and treble tone controls along with McIntosh’s highly regarded headphone amplifier.


The 70th Anniversary Commemorative System is sold out. We have one set left, brand new. Price is $29,700. If you are interested, please contact us.

MTI100 Hero remote.jpg

MTI100 Integrated Turntable $8,775

The MTI100 is a unique product. It’s a turntable, tube preamplifier and amplifier, has Digital inputs, Bluetooth, Subwoofer output, and headphone amplifier. Simply add speakers and you have a complete system in a neat and tidy package.


The turntable features a 7 lb. aluminum platter and tonearm on top of a thick 3/8” piece of glass, which in turn sits on a custom ¼” thick metal plate to add stability, resist and absorb noise. The AC motor is synced to the power line’s frequency for precise speed. Included is a Sumiko Olympia MM cartridge.


The built-in amplifier is rated at 50watts/ch into 8 ohms, or 80 watts into 4 ohms. The preamplifier uses 2 x 12AX7 tubes. The phono preamplifier is housed in a custom shielded box to prevent interference or noise from getting into the system.


Besides playing your records, the MTI100 has Bluetooth so you can stream music from your phone or tablet. You can also connect your TV, Tuner or CD player to the analog and digital inputs. Connect a subwoofer and you can get powerful deep bass. And for personal listening, the MTI100 has McIntosh’s world renowned headphone amplifier that will drive virtually all headphones.


The MTI100 is truly a music lover’s system. Where space is an issue, or you just want an elegant solution without taking up any space, the MTI100 is the perfect answer. When you consider all that it can do, at $8,775, the MTI100 is an amazing deal!

Adrian Low