Magnepan LRS – Goodbye MMG, Hello LRS, the Best Budget High End Speakers ?

Magnepan has long been known for their unique line of speakers. While virtually every manufacturer produces speakers based around the moving coil driver enclosed in a box, Magnepan has been making dipole speakers since its inception in the 70s. instead of woofers, midranges and tweeters in a box, Magnepan speakers use a thin foil with the voice coil etched on it, surrounded by magnet arrays. There is no traditional enclosure. The resulting sound is very open, airy, transparent and fast. Reviews consistently rank Magnepans among the best speakers regardless of cost.

The MMG was first introduced in 1995 as an “appetizer”; for those who could not afford the more expensive models, the MMG served as an amazing bargain. It sounded remarkably similar to the larger, more expensive siblings, was a great match with receivers, and cost about $750 at the time of introduction. Amazingly, the MMG was made for about 24 years! (the MMGi was released a few years ago as an improved version). Literally thousands of pairs have been sold to very happy owners.

The new LRS, or Little Ribbon Speaker, replaces the MMGi. A completely different speaker, designed from ground up, the LRS is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker, unlike the MMG which was a combination of planar magnetic bass/mid panel with a quasi-ribbon tweeter. Thus, the LRS is more coherent, and much more like the larger models.

However. The new LRS is more demanding. While the MMG will work well with conventional receivers, the LRS is more transparent and revealing. You should partner them with better electronics to get the best results. Products from Peachtree, Parasound, Anthem will work great. You don’t have to spend a ton of money for the electronics, but they should be good ones.

Now the bad news. The LRS is heavily back ordered. And they haven’t even been actively promoted. We’ve placed our orders, but expect to wait. I can’t even tell you how long, as the factory can’t give me any idea. But if you are patient, you can own a truly fine high end speaker for only $880!

Magnepan MMGi Sale. Only $699!

We are selling off our stock of MMGi at below cost! All in-stock MMGi are priced at ONLY $699 + tax. We only have a few pairs left. The factory is not making any more, so once they are gone, that’s it! Only Black available.


Adrian Low