Sonus faber Sonetto First Impressions


Beep Beep Beep. The sound of a delivery imposed itself on the calmness of an Audio Excellence morning. What goodness is coming? We opened the loading dock door and watched the cargo truck back up. Inside at the very back of the truck was a mysterious black wrapped pallet. The waybill declared 8 items - 8 is always a good number. Luck be with us.

Jay and I started unwrapping the pallet - hey, what do you know... And it is... Our initial shipment from Sonus faber of the new Sonetto was on the pallet. I would guess some of the very first Sonetto Speakers to be sent to a North American audio dealer. Serial numbers starting in the single digits - Sonetto I serial number 7 - more good fortune.

Sonetto collection_Wood.jpg

We opened the boxes of the Sonetto I and the Sonetto II. My initial excitement was easily topped by my first viewing - these speakers are gorgeous with all the fine detail befitting their Sonus faber heritage - tradition is upheld. You'll notice the leather tops first and the hand stitching and the luxurious feel. And they're still in their protective cloth bags.

Sonetto DAD Tweeter.jpg

The finish on the speakers is impeccable as we examined first the Matte White Sonetto I and the Walnut Sonetto II next. Piano Black is also an available finish. The Walnut is especially impressive as befits essentially fine pieces of wood furniture. Those artisans in the factory at Arcugnano in Italy know what they're doing and their pride shows. The Sonetto is beautiful. And how does it sound?

Sonetto VIII Wood.jpg

In a word... Bella. Jay and I put the I and the II on stands and have been playing various music through them all day. The slight initial harshness of a brand new speaker has given way to aural washes of beautification. I feel enlightened by this Italian Poetry that is the Sonetto - everything that is Sonus faber has been distilled into this speaker. All the good sonic things are here like the Damped Apex Dome, the Cellulose Woofer, the Lute shape, the front ported bass venting - need I say more?

Come in to Audio Excellence and be one with the Sonetto today - you will be very pleased.

Vilip Mak