Sumiko Subwoofer Promotion - Huge Discounts


While stocks last, we are giving a huge discount on the sumiko subs & wireless connections (see below)

Sumiko is a large distributor in the US and for many years they represented REL Acoustics subwoofers. Sumiko is now part of the McIntosh family, and has been selling their own versions of the REL subwoofers. Sumiko subs are actually designed by Sonus faber. The plan was to eventually have the subwoofers be branded Sonus faber, and that has almost arrived.


As a result, we managed to buy a quantity of new Sumiko subwoofers at great prices, and we are passing the savings on to you.


Unlike conventional home theater subs which are usually slow sounding, boomy and detract from the musical experience, Sumiko subwoofers respond instantly to the signal. Specially designed drivers are capable of deep, powerful bass while retaining quality and speed. Additionally, you can connect the subwoofer so that they take on the sonic character of your receiver or amplifier. All subs are self-powered so they do not draw anything from your receiver or amplifier.


Additionally, the subs are compact so they fit easily in your room. And as you would expect from any Sonus faber product, they look gorgeous!




Retail $999

for limited time ONLY $750

Custom 8-inch, long throw woofer.

150 watt RMS Class AB amplifier



Retail $1400

for limited time ONLY $1,099

Custom 10”, long throw active down-firing woofer.

Custom 10”, long throw passive front-firing woofer

350 watt RMS Class AB amplifier


S.10 (White or Black)

Retail $2400

for limited time ONLY $1,799

Custom 12”, very long throw active woofer

Custom 12”, very long throw passive woofer

Ultra High Current 500 watt Class D amplifier, 1,000 watt peak